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Trying daily updates again

July 10th, 2013

I haven’t written a public post in a long time, and I am re-vowing to write daily even if it’s just a little snippet of what I’m doing. Problem is, I’m doing a lot of things. So I’m going to try to find a good way to post on all the things separately in such a way that I can view them separately (ie., using Drupal content types and Views).   Updating this site This has been on my list for a long time. I’ve been a Drupal fan for awhile and I don’t know why I’m still basing my site on WordPress, which I find to be cumbersome to really customize. Especially with Drupal Views!! I decided I am just going to download the latest version of core today, and install it tomorrow. Baby steps… then I can write posts and tag them, then design my theme to easily display them using Views (more easily than I can using WordPress).   Javascript I think I made a breakthrough today in understanding closures (reading http://javascriptissexy.com/understand-javascript-closures-with-ease/), though still not sure the benefit of closures vs. putting everything into a global object when it comes to not polluting the global namespace. I get … Continue Reading

a new job in the city

March 5th, 2013

About a month ago, I noticed a lot of recruiters reaching out. I don’t think it was just to me– a friend told me first quarter is when recruiting season really gets busy. But it did get me a few interviews that I went into thinking I would just see what’s out there. I didn’t really expect to be leaving my job, but I guess having those conversations and re-assessing my skillset led me to think a little more deeply about what I wanted and how much I think I’d grown. Looking back on my year (and on the last time I wrote in this blog), I think I’ve honestly been trying to keep up an unsustainable pace. Working from home– something I adored 3 years ago– has become lonely and socially isolating. I’m beginning to take less pride in being a workaholic and noticing I don’t fully enjoy the time with friends because I’m thinking about something work-related I have to do in the back of my head. Most of all, I want to focus what I want to learn next and work with a team. The last year has given be a wonderful breadth of experience– but I … Continue Reading

Counting down the weekends before the holidays

November 12th, 2012

This holiday season almost every weekend consists of a flight, so I’m enjoying the last two weekends we have here in San Francisco. On Saturday, we got to see some hand-made planes flop into the water in Red Bull’s “Flugtag” event at AT&T Park. It was neat to be able to just walk in and hang out in the outfield. Afterwards, we went to a cooking class in a nice apartment in SOMA, where we drank lots of wine and ate the best pear tart we’d ever had. Today, we went to a couple bars during the day and then stuffed ourselves at Tony Napoletano in North Beach … really stuffed ourselves. We had the Margherita, New Yorker, and the Promisciutto E Pomodorini. Good thing there was 5 of us, but I think the water could have warned us it was so much food. It was a very clear crisp day, chilly but comfortable. I love this kind of weather, though it’s making me want a nicer thick coat. I took a couple photos of our view from the window, and also one of Maggie laying peacefully. I’m taking a deep breath before all the traveling starts. We only have … Continue Reading

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