10:30pm dinner date at cheesecake

Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2010

boyfriend starting to wonder why I pull out my iPhone at every one of our dates. had a craving for cheesecake tonight. rasberry chocolate truffle cheesecake with a caramel macchiato royal. he had the pasta da Vinci. discussing life, gossip, and nothing in particular. hes staring at me as I type away. Ill stop being rude now. I love not missing him because hes right here. class=alignnone Also, did Ab Ripper X and ran 1.5 miles in the VFFs on the treadmill! It felt great, and my calves didn't hurt. I even felt like I could've run further, but I stopped myself because I've heard of people getting injured going to far too soon. Adding to my log... I'm excited! Tomorrow, 1.75 miles... Wednesday, 2!