A mile here, a mile there

Posted on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I haven't run in awhile. I used to average about 20-30 miles a week the year before last, when I trained for my first marathon. Now I'm down to struggling to get myself to jog around the block. I've been through this before though-- before that marathon I went through a similar slump, and wondered how I was ever able to run long distances back in college. I go through these phases of running and not running, but every time I pick it back up, I lose a lot of weight! Which I'm looking forward to in this next phase :) I ran in my VFFs (the toe-shoes) the day before yesterday on the treadmill, just one mile, and it felt great. I'm going to try for 1.25 miles today and see how that feels. Also playing basketball today, so I get my exercise in. I'm in a Monday night basketball league (beginners), but there's no game this weekend so I'm thinking of playing the women's pickup game tomorrow morning. I'm far from being good at it, but I think I get better every time I play. :) Anyway, just installed this plugin that tracks my running, so I hope to update it later today after accomplishing the run I just committed to in writing just now. Update, just went running and completed what I set out to do. But, although my toes are happily settled in now, my right calf was not happy at all. Not sure if I'm just building muscle there or if something is wrong, but I think I'll give it another week or two before I worry.