a routine, finally

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011

so the bad thing about blogging on the iPad is that punctuation and capitalization sort of go out the window. but thats pretty much the only real bad thing. I think we, yes we, are finally starting to settle into some kind of routine. its not a rigid one, but it is a comforting one. heres a brief summary of a typical week that I imagine wont vary too much in the coming months besides some occasional travel. quang has found a promising internship at a gaming company that has him working about 30 hours a week in soma. this has been his first week on the job and it took a little getting used to not having him at home all the time. :) his schedule will likely be Monday through Thursday with Fridays spent at home. as for me, my schedule revolves around a weekly day in Santa cruz, my crunch workout schedule, and monthly ladies nights that include a book club, a dinner, and soon, this game called bunco that I have never heard of, but it sounds interesting. my Santa Cruz day is usually on Tuesdays, and my crunch workouts are usually Saturday morning sculpt, Monday evening circuit, Wednesday bossu, and Friday morning spin. though recently Ive been doing a tues/thurs abs/tai box combo. Ive also been skipping workouts on occasion... but working on doing a full crunch week one of these days. also working on getting back into running, which has been surprisingly difficult. Wednesdays also mark the day I submit an article to askmissa.com. I do love writing for them and have been getting some positive feedback from the Editor in Chief. I skip weeks on rare occasion but for the most part Im pretty on track. every morning except the days I go to Santa Cruz, quang and I walk Maggie. the days I am off to sc, quang walks her alone. and every evening, almost without fail, quang and I both walk Maggie together. grocery shopping is done on Sundays, accompanied by general lazing about. Saturday mornings are usually spent with danielle and mike, with a post workout coffee or brunch with me and quang. so there you have it. my new San Francisco routine. mundane reading Im sure, but its the first time in over 2 years I could say I have one. and it feels nice.