at the buckhead grand hyatt

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Im sitting in the dining room downstairs of the grand hyatt in Atlanta, just finishing up an egg white omelet with orange juice for breakfast. The book Im currently reading (one I keep picking up and meaning to read, but never really got into until now), Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is on my lap. Im writing this from my iPhone via a WordPress app I forgot I installed. And Im about to go meet my boss for our first day of work here at our headquarters. We both live in California, and I work from home most days. I love it. And I love my job as the editorial project manager of a health community site that helps people get support. I arrived in Atlanta yesterday and I am pretty sick. The flight was miserable. But here I am, hair done up and in my biz casual outfit, ready to appear as healthy as I can. Im recovering from pink eye with antibiotics-- what adult gets pink eye?? -- and though I dont think Im contagious anymore, I look like allergies smacked me in the face. I hardly slept, and Im not tired, though I have a splitting headache. The ibuprofen in my bag is tempting me but I just took some. I have my sunglasses on my head just in case my eyes flare up again. Despite this, Im actually very glad Im here. Im excited to start this day. Im so glad, and lucky, I quit my last job where I was unhappy and paid less and, in this economy, managed to find something so much more rewarding. I joined a basketball league and we won our 3rd game in a row. I may not be as experienced as everyone else, and I may not know anyone else :), but they said Im fast and play great defense. Im glad I joined, because it makes me want to get better, and its teaching me how to be part of a team. I didnt play any real league or team sports when I was younger, and I think its something that would have taught me a lot. Im not running, and it shows, so my next task is to get back on the running routine. Last thought, I miss my boyfriend who is on the other side of the country right now. Cant wait until this weekend when he visits, and we spend the summer together. :)