at the vet with mags

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2011

20111205-083604.jpg Maggie jumped out a 4th story window left open last week at a friends while we were in va. shattered her leg and broke her paws. thank god I have insurance this time around. she had a successful surgery and we are taking care of her basically 24/7 helping her walk, eat, poop, haha. its been a challenge but our spirits are up and so are hers. today she slipped off her front cast and we are waiting at the vet for an hour to get them to rebandage it. I am going to complain to the hospital in sj that did it because it was not done well, and this should be done for free next time. my insurance covers up to 8k and I think Im at 5k so far. each xray is 500 and these bandage changes every 3 days are 75 each in sj, 128 here in sf. X-rays every month. hope she heals quickly. Quang has been amazing through this. I couldnt have done this alone. just to go for a walk he has to carry her, then set her down as I support her hind quarters. then he lifts her when she is done doing her business and I hold open doors. its a two person job. Im thankful he is here.