blog down!

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The blog was down for the past week so I haven't been able to get my writing in. That last entry was supposed to be a long one, telling of my scrumptious taco dinner (it had been the first time I'd ever made tacos!) and the exciting news I was following including the latest I'd been hearing on Egypt and also some interesting tech developments. But that news has grown cold, and I'm about to settle into bed for tonight. Just wanted to get some words in before I did and see if I can pick back up my writing habit. On a related note, I may become a writer on! I submitted an application a few weeks ago, and I just received an email from the local editor telling me she liked my stuff! I don't get paid for this, and it's more to pursue a hobby than anything, but I think I'll enjoy writing one article a week for them. It is a site focused on San Francisco, so I can build a profile of articles while I'm living in this amazing city for who knows how long. I think it'll be fun, and a good way for me to polish up my writing skills. I have also been following a rigorous running plan to achieve an 8:30 min/mile pace in an upcoming 5K. I'm on day 23 of 56, so almost halfway there. I have always been a slow runner, and while I have done marathons and half marathons before, they've always been at a jogging pace. This is the first time I'm pushing for speed, and it's making me pretty uncomfortable. I enjoy the longer runs more than I do the speed workouts because I'm not used to pushing myself in that way. Today's run was magnificent though, and it again reminded me of how lucky I am to be here and experience this amazing place-- and this amazing weather. I hear reports of how awful it is in other parts of the country and I can't help but feel like I'm not being grateful enough that we're having this gorgeous Indian summer. I did a 6 mile run today, jogging up to the Marina and leisurely making my way west towards the Golden Gate Bridge. I was right next to all the boats docked there, near the ocean, and I zoned out on the views of the North Bay, Alcatraz, and the water as I passed by. One of my favorite things to do when running in nice places is to look at the houses and imagine what it must take to own a home like that. Here, I would guess the houses find their value in their amazing location - overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and this incredible view. I did the same in Los Altos, where the houses were also so impressive to me, many of them custom-built.The land is rural, definitely not city-like, which is why I loved running there. If I had land there I would want a blank canvas too, and design my own house. I used to secretly wish, while I was running, that I would get run over by someone filthy rich driving around in a Porshe or something-- not get too hurt, maybe just a sprained ankle or even a broken toe or something. And then, desperate to avoid a lawsuit, they would offer me their Los Altos house! Just a fantasy that amused me during my many miles tread there... nothing I would, of course, cause to become a reality. Especially after writing this post, which I'm sure their lawyers would eventually find. I passed by Crissy Fields, and looped my way back. If I had just gone a mile further, I would have been on the Golden Gate Bridge. One day, I'd like to run all the way to the North Bay and back. Maybe even further! This turned out to be a much longer post than I planned. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5am and leave for Santa Cruz at 6am, so I'd better get going.