Counting Calories

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I am counting calories, as I mentioned before, and I decided to update a page with the spreadsheet I'm keeping. It might help me keep up with it. While I don't think counting daily calories is a good idea for everyone to do for the rest of their lives, I think it's a very good exercise to do for at least 4-6 months. By being overly obsessive for just that short period of time, it gives you a good grasp on how many calories different foods really have. And with restaurants publishing that information more nowadays, like CHEESECAKE FACTORY, good god, it's easier than ever to know when to take half (or more) of your meal home. I should mention that I've done this before - count calories that is. I used to be obsessed with counting my calories. If ever I was in a situation where I was not near a computer to look up how many calories were in what I was eating, I would scramble around for a scrap piece of paper to write down everything I ate to look up the calorie content later.  Back then, I kept myself to a very unhealthy number calories per day, eating carrots a lot. I lost weight, but I was hungry and tired all the time. I wonder if I still have that old spreadsheet. This time, I'm trying for 1200 calories per day. As you can see from the spreadsheet, I'm fudging a little. But combined with exercise (I'm on my way to the gym now), I think this should be a much healthier and successful attempt than before. At my heaviest, I was almost 127 pounds, which is a lot for a 5'1" girl. I'm proud of myself for stabilizing at my current weight, 116, and my new goal is to stabilize at 110 or less, which I think I can do if I get my running form back to what it was. EDIT: I totally found that old log of mine and in it, I totally didn't keep up with it for more than 2 months and I totally didn't limit myself to 800 calories. I seem to have unintentionally revised history. I wonder what else I've revised...Although there WAS a period of time I was limiting myself to 800 calories and I did lose a lot of weight. Just must have been a different time from this log. I find the "snacking unaccounted for" entries funny. Also the "whiskey" calorie counts. Most of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of whiskey, just FYI. I heard that most people who keep food diaries tend to underreport. I'm probably guilty of that as well. But seeing most of these calorie counts... in the 1600-2000 range... jeez, I really liked to eat...  See my old log here. EDIT #2: Kolapo says I should mention this is my third time counting calories.