Blogs posted in March 2011

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

warning: very nerdy post.

So out of pure interest, I decided it would be a cool (term used loosely) idea to try my hand at creating my very own WordPress template. The one you see here, minimalist as it is, was created by someone else, and I kind of wanted to know the nuts and bolts of it.

Over the weekend, I googled "how to create a wordpress template" and I spent a couple hours following (and not really following, ie., not understanding) this tutorial. (nerdsidenote: I noticed the...

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beginning with my usual disclaimer: I can't pretend that I know all that much about US politics nor am I an avid follower of this Life Raft Debate that is held yearly at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. I just heard about it on This American Life, and it was so interesting to me.

The premise of the debate supposes that there has been a nuclear disaster, and the voting audience has the responsibility of rebuilding society. There is only one spot on the "raft" which will transport the new world's population, and a group of...

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I was thumbing through my RSS reader and happened upon the slew of iPad 2 announcement news pieces. I want one. I didn't get the first gen one because I figured there would be newer and better models coming up, and the early adopter fee of $499 was too rich for my blood.

9x faster processor? Front and back cameras? HDMI connectivity? Cooler case???

Sold. Although, I'm still skeptical as to whether or not I'll...

Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Attended a conference on journalism in the Middle East hosted at the SF Chronicle today, biked through the Tenderloin at night to get there and back, which was interesting. The conference was a Meetup, and some know my short but funny history with (Still a Glam Girl at heart... haha)

The conference was a random thing to attend; I felt like I was surrounded by all these people who followed the Middle East the same way I follow fashion discount sites and blogs. But thanks to my patronage of NPR, I was at least conversant in the issues and I found the panelists fascinating...