Blogs posted in May 2011

Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today marks day 1 of having my little sister as a roommate for the summer, and the last day of my bachelorette days in the city. Quang is here too, so we have a bit of a full house, at least for an apartment this size. Quang will be moving in late June, which is approaching quickly, and not quickly enough.

But while I do like having the company, I'm looking back on this almost-year of being alone, and I'm wondering if I prefer it that way, or if I'm looking forward to a summer with Liz, and a life with Quang. Not necessarily assessing the people specifically, just the concept of...

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2011

I am going camping for the first time. Saturday morning at 5:30am, I'll be on my way to Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite. I hear it's gorgeous, and half of me is excited about it. The other half, kind of grossed out.

This may make me sound like the ultimate urbanite, but I have this strange habit that has developed over the past few years that I know I didn't used to have: I wash my hands a lot. And not even after the usual icky things like picking up dog poop, taking out the trash, going to the bathroom. Sometimes, even after typing for a bit, I'll want to wash my hands. Or putting my hand...

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2011

It has been a long time since I've written. Yes, there has been a lot going on, but also, I feel there has been so much going on that every time I sit down to write, I feel I need to do a recap of everything, like they do in television series.

But like television series, I'll do a selective recap so that I can go to bed at a decent hour. Starting with the title of my blog. I've always wanted to start something of my own yet, in the past year as Editor at DailyStrength, I find I love what I do and don't want to jeopardize my dream job.

I love that I've grown into a position...