Blogs posted in August 2011

Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011

so the bad thing about blogging on the iPad is that punctuation and capitalization sort of go out the window. but thats pretty much the only real bad thing.

I think we, yes we, are finally starting to settle into some kind of routine. its not a rigid one, but it is a comforting one. heres a brief summary of a typical week that I imagine wont vary too much in the coming months besides some occasional travel.

quang has found a promising internship at a gaming company that has him working about 30 hours a week in soma. this has been his first week on the job and it took a...

Posted on Sunday, August 7, 2011

how stressful its been lately. weve just moved from my 1 bedroom to our 2 bedroom down the hall. its strange catching myself saying we instead of I, our instead of my. not that were married or anything, it just seems like more and more things, days, aspects of our lives, are shared, and its starting to reflect in the way I even communicate with others.

i dont mind, though. its different, from what Im used to anyway, getting accustomed to my first normal-distance relationship in oh, I dont know, 5-6 years. Ive had roommates, but its not the same.

the apartment itself is...