Blogs posted in April 2016

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm trying out a new way to organize my learning style when it comes to staying on top of all the front-end tech and javascript buzz going on. The good news, at least according to my recent readings, is the Javascript ecosystem is slowing down. However, the problem of information overload continues. I often find myself spending hours skimming many, many articles, but not feeling like I'm truly learning on my own.

Learning on the Side

At work, as a platform...

Posted on Friday, April 15, 2016

Well, it's my annual blog post!

Today, friends of ours gave birth to their first baby. It made me reflect on our family as we approach the one year mark since the birth of our son (weird, "our son"), and how crazy yet not-that-crazy it's been. We've been quick to settle into our new routine I think, and I'm starting to approach a mindset where it's hard to imagine how my life was before Miles. Weird, again.

Not to say I'm not doing the same things-- Quang and I take turns going out with friends, I'm still working harder than I probably should and worrying at about the same...