first post on an iPad2

Posted on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

so this is kind of cool. I dont know how people write for prolonged periods with this thing. I usually type faster than I think, and now find my thoughts impatiently queued as my fingers labor over this touch screen. anyway, I survived camping and am back in the world of convenience and technology and autocorrect. today was a long day that started around 4:30 am and ends very soon. I am 3 hours shy of working almost 24 hours straight (with a slight diversion at a cocktail party during the evening, which was just what I needed). its been nonstop, but let me just say, as busy as work has been lately, I cant talk about the project yet but Im loving what Im working on. Ill be able to detail it later. today was an in office day, which can only mean tomorrow is a work from home day, which, given what time it is now and how long I worked today, can only mean Im waking up at 9...ish tomorrow. i love that i can work my ass off AND sleep in a bit. I am never going to take that for granted. and I hate to say it but I cant wait to get back to work. and once this project calms down and I go back to normal hours of work, I cant wait to start my new personal project! I am such a workaholic its not even funny. i cant even think straight right now. whats funny is that this iPad keyboard has touch lines on the f and j keys, which serve no purpose. ok off to bed before I start to get really boring.