got a few more pairs of shoes, according to plan

Posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2010

class=alignnone class=alignnone class=alignnone These are my three new additions to the shoe closet. I am on a new spending plan in an attempt to spend LESS, believe it or not, by only allowing myself to shop once a month at an allotted budget. I've been shopping more often, with no real budget, and it's been taking a toll, especially being the fashion impulse buyer that I am. A side-goal is to fill my closet with fewer pieces, but more high quality pieces... I think it's going to make a nice difference. I definitely stuck with one color palette this time around with hese shoes, except I have one more pair of pewter shoes coming in the mail which of course I will post here. These Miss Sixty shoes make my legs look miles long, and my boyfriend likes how my tan legs look in these neutral shoes. I got lots of compliments on the LAMB pair today, which was a difficult day because they definitely need breaking in. But they're gorgeous, and worth it. And these rag & bone flats are absolutely adorable... the leather is like butter and feels so luxurious. Plus, they went down in price on shopbop by about $55 so they agreed to refund me the price difference! Score! I'm waiting on a pair of Seychelles, but after that, I'm done for the month of July. Next shopping trip will be beginning of August, when the theme will be separates. I can't wait, but it's been SO hard to ignore these online sample sales that have been the bane of my wallet for the last year! I especially want a C&C boyfriend blazer... and I really like some of the Gypsy05 pieces that were on sale at recently. My closet is due for a purge... so my sisters are going to be happy with some hand-me-downs... :)