gum and basketball

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I seriously love the packaging of 5 gum. its like the iPhone of gum experiences. specifically, the react flavor. it tastes good, which is a basic requirement, but it is also attractive and fun to get a stick! these were my thoughts just now as I picked up the package, and admired its design before I slid open the flap and picked out a piece. even the black gum wrappers on each individual length of gum shone impressively against the sunrise gradient of the opening. Is it just me or did that first paragraph sound a little too sexual? in other thrilling news, I played another league game tonight. for those of you who know me to be less than punctual, I will say that as yet, Ive never missed a game and I have been at least 15 minutes early to each one. not sure why. maybe because i always get just a little nervous before the games, so I always make sure to shoot around a little before or watch the preceding games. I did quite well today I think. I made two baskets in a row at the very end- they arcd and swishes :) 2 baskets out of 4 tries this game. I also had quite a few steals and I feel I really picked up on the point guards tendancies, who I found myself guarding the most. I still need to work on my dribbling because I seem too deliberate and keep looking down, says quang. I also need to work on better passes especially under pressure. we have some pretty good shooters which is cool to see. today we only had 1 sub so lots of running, but I really liked that. woooo Im excited to get better! I feel like team sports really give me a better sense of how to work together with other people, and its less about me and more about how all of us can strategically utilize our strengths towards a common goal. Ive never played team sports like this before, so I might be learning this lesson a little late, but Im glad Im learning it. class=alignnone class=alignnone