I think that possibly maybe I'm falling for you

Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

This is the song that I'm listening to, in my brand spanking new apartment in San Francisco, 1br, all by myself, in Pac Heights. I'm looking out at my view into the night sky and city skyline, looking at Maggie, at my phone that I'm about to call my boyfriend with, at my boxes, at my desk, and again at the city skyline settling under the purplish night sky-- or at least that's the hue I see when I look out my window while this dining area ceiling lamp shines light over yet more boxes where a comfortable little dining table will soon be. I'm falling for everything-- Quang, Maggie, SF, independence, life, everything, and I still can't believe it. Do I deserve so much happiness? I don't want to keep Quang waiting so I will end it here. But more to come.