Posted on Saturday, August 28th, 2010

last Thursday I went with some girlfriends to get a manipedi at Deluxe Nails on main st, right at the border of Santa Monica and Venice. I decided that this area is, so far, my favorite area in LA. I should have taken a snapshot of the street and the cute shops and places to eat around here. as I was taking a picture of my nails, I suddenly felt a little self conscious about my feet. I was thinking, some people have such weird feelings around feet. Im not sure I want to post this anymore. but then I thought, oh well. I like my feet :) and I also like getting manipedis. even though its silly because I never do fake nails or French tips (unless its a special occasion), so for a fraction of the price I could just do my own nails. but I do like the pampering, and the time I get to talk with my friends and dish on whatever. its a luxury I know, which explains why I like it. on a related note, I was on wilshire near the petco and I saw a store, I forget what it was called-- second time around or secondhands or something? but it had secondhand couture clothing and I thought that was the neatest thing. would I find that in San Jose? I dont think so.