new favorite cafe

Posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2010

comfortable chairs, Internet ordering, great selection, and free wifi. my only gripe is the slightly pricey coffee, but other than that Im sold. specialtys on 1st and Trimble in San Jose might be my new place to work away from home! class=alignnone class=alignnone Update! Just noticed they forgot my berry scone in my order, so I went back to the counter. Turns out they ran out, and I thought, "well they could have told me." But hey, everyone makes mistakes. They offered the danish instead, but the carrot-raisin muffin caught my eye. They said well, it's a little cheaper, but I told them I didn't mind the price difference. They threw in the carrot-raisin muffin and a limited-time Patriotic Muffin :) for free. Luuv. class=alignnone