New late-night Chinese food go-to place, after gymming it up

Posted on Thursday, July 8th, 2010

photo This is my new go-to place. The last time I said that, it was at Monsoon on 3rd street in Santa Monica and I got food poisoning right after. Tonight, at 11:30pm, Quang and I enjoyed a late-night dinner at China Palace in Milpitas, open til 3am might I add. The menu prices were amazing ($5-$7), they served us free tea and free pearl milk tea, they had Quang's favorite kind of sweet and sour pork (Peking style, spare ribs not fried), the portions were huge family style portions, they boxed our food for us, and even included two dollars for our next visit. We had huge platters of beef chow mein, Peking sweet and sour pork, and duck wonton soup, all for a whopping $21. The leftovers will feed us for about 2 meals each. And I'm typing this food-poison-free. What a great experience. Minus a fraction of a point for being cash only. We just got back from the gym tonight. I signed up for a couple months at 24-hour fitness because that's where Quang likes to go. I didn't bring my vibrams because a) I think I need a break after yesterday and b) I was a liiittle embarrassed for going to a new place for the first time. I ran a really hard 3 miles, with quarter-mile fast paced intervals of 7-9mph. Then we did ab-ripper x without the video because we know the routines already. Good workout - justifies the pizza and cookies I had for lunch today.