on the bart to sf

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Im on the bart right now traveling to sf to go see about an apartment. its a 2br, more space than I need, but its pet friendly and its... 1950!! it seems just too good to be true. but Im sure it does not include parking and its probably in a noisy area. Ill probably also be paying an extra month of rent here. but for some reason, I have to see it. its a steal in this area which is really in the hub of everything -- north beach/telegraph hill. Im sitting in one of the seats that ride backwards though on this Bart. I really hate that. I thought for some reason it was going the other direction. guh. this reminds me of a time I was about 16 or so and I rode the amtrak from thousand oaks to San Diego for my first job that I really didnt like very much. I was riding backwards on that verrry long ride too. anyway, well see how this goes. Im going to find a Starbucks to work at while Im up there and also find something delicious to eat for lunch. Ill probably return around 1 or so when traffic wont be crazy. ahh the apartment search. I dont miss it. in fact I hate moving. why a 2br? its only a couple hundred more than I was willing to pay for a 1br. I can just imagine what I would do with all that space. I could have the office/studio ive always wanted. I can do jobs, even tutor in that extra room. but you know, if I dont love it, and even if I do, I need to not make any rash decisions. I dont need the space. its just something to see. I might not even like it or it might turn out crummy. we shall see...