probably going to buy the iPad 2

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

I was thumbing through my RSS reader and happened upon the slew of iPad 2 announcement news pieces. I want one. I didn't get the first gen one because I figured there would be newer and better models coming up, and the early adopter fee of $499 was too rich for my blood. 9x faster processor? Front and back cameras? HDMI connectivity? Cooler case??? Sold. Although, I'm still skeptical as to whether or not I'll be able to read a novel on it. I want to use it to read my news (instead of booting up my computer or waiting for my slow-ass iPhone 3 to load an RSS reader that my iPhone chokes on). I also want to use it to read books, which I already do on my iPhone so I imagine the issue of eye strain won't be too bad. Sure I'll probably also watch movies on it and write blogs and do other cool app-y stuff, but those are my two primary needs. Is it worth it to spend $499 on it when I already have two laptops which allow me to do exactly the same thing? And when I can spend $139 on a Kindle, which I think is going to be free eventually, that would also allow me to do the same thing and may also be easier on the eyes? Not sure. So I guess I'm not totally sold yet. To be honest, the hype is having an effect. The sexiness factor and the fanfare... I might just be getting sucked in. Another draw? It'll fit so nicely in my purses! What a shallow consumer I am.