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Posted on Friday, July 30th, 2010

Every now and then I spit out an eloquent pearl of inspiring wisdom beyond my years. Well I just had another one, and here it is:

It is easier to create yourself, than to find yourself. Especially when often we don't know what it is we're looking for, or whether or not we've found it.

The "wisdom beyond my years" bit is completely tongue in cheek, as most people know I don't take myself that seriously. It's really just a follow-up for this affirmation by Thomas Szasz. I appreciate what he's saying because of the suggestion that your life can become whatever you determine it to be, and so it is necessary for you to play an active role in the shaping of it. Moving on, the drive to LA Wednesday night was successful! Liz, Quang and I took the 101 to drive to my parents house to drop Liz off. We stopped by a Chili's on the way, and when we arrived, my mom had Nia Nia's orange soup, baguette, and sweet cake with whipped cream and strawberries waiting for us. I have fallen off the wagon and I am not counting my calories. But I have home cooking, California burrito and Hash House to blame. Speaking of which, here are some pics: class=alignnone As soon as we got into San Diego on Thursday morning, I had me one of these. O M G. So good. So so good. class=alignnone class=alignnone After working out of a cafe with free wifi in San Diego, we met with our friends Mischa and Tim and visited Sand Bar in downtown. At this particular bar, prices actually go up and down, depending on demand, just like stocks! It was awesome. The four of us raised the price of Stella by 50% because we jumped on the $2.50 price tag. class=alignnone class=alignnone Then, we visited the corner of Garnett and Everts for the famous bacon wrapped hot dog vendor. I don't know his name, but he was happy to pose for a picture: class=alignnone I woke up pretty hung over today from all the beers, but I feel fine now. About to go to HASH HOUSE. More food photos to come... :) class=alignnone