stress and moving

Posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2011

how stressful its been lately. weve just moved from my 1 bedroom to our 2 bedroom down the hall. its strange catching myself saying we instead of I, our instead of my. not that were married or anything, it just seems like more and more things, days, aspects of our lives, are shared, and its starting to reflect in the way I even communicate with others. i dont mind, though. its different, from what Im used to anyway, getting accustomed to my first normal-distance relationship in oh, I dont know, 5-6 years. Ive had roommates, but its not the same. the apartment itself is amazing. spacious, bright, and feels like home. I dont want to move for at least another 5 years! which is huge for me to say, because I dont think Ive stayed in one apartment for more than 1 year for a very long time. being without internet however is unacceptable. AT&T f-ed up our order and their connection so since Thursday, weve been webless. and its been such a hassle. I am not even going to try to pretend to go on about how sad it is how dependent weve become on the internet. anyone who complains about that should go back to 2004. we are utterly dependent and I think theres no going back. I need to sell furniture, design things, communicate with people, coordinate events, and WORK! while I still love to work! Ive loved the internet ever since I was 6 and my dad taught me how to take advantage of it as more than just a place to play games (prodigy anyone?) to be without it for no good reason other than incompetence and interminable phone customer service auto menus is unbearable. I may accept the argument that while not having Internet is unpleasant, its nothing compared to the famine in Somalia or being one of the 40 killed in a train wreck in china. that was my thought just now as I vent away. but I just noticed that due to stress, my body has been feeling weaker and I have personally felt agrier. Im not an angry person, but I guess stress takes its toll in more ways than one. Im just excited for when the old furniture is out, the old things have been donated, the new furniture comes in, Internet is restored, every knick knack has a home, and I can use this blog to talk about a whole new set of things. like about how much I want to learn how to kick ass at my job. Im beginning to pass on my duties and take on new responsibilities, and its exciting but Im feeling the pressure... from myself... to really do well. so if anyone has any tips for me drop me a note.