Stuffed to the brim.

Posted on Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Just got back from taking photos of Harry's to be put on their website (yay!) and having an early dinner with Danielle and Lauren at Johnny Rockets. It was a grey day today, but I found it so comfortable. Even the chill. It may be because for the past 5 days ever since Q left, I've been in my apartment alone with nothing but both my computer screen and Maggie staring at me hour after hour. I'll admit, I was going a little stir-crazy there for a second. So it felt nice to get outside and walk around. I don't regret this alone time, though. I know that the business of having a boyfriend and good friends across the state, and holidays, and parties, and events, is going to pick up very soon. So bored as I was these past few days, getting almost overzealous with my work, I know that I am in fact relishing this calm period. In fact, I got a lot of thinking done. And, as I mentioned yesterday, a lot of web stuff done. I remember when I was little, my teachers and my dad would always make me write up "current events" reports, probably in an attempt to make me care about the world beyond my own adolescence. It didn't work, but I have been listening to NPR for a couple years now, and before that I have been the most oblivious person in the world as far as the news. Can people change? Does the fact that I had zero interest before preclude me from exploring the world of new media journalism and blogsplosion (a fun word to both say and spell) and perhaps even aspire to participate? Quang says that this new interest of mine sounds like another "flavor of the month," and he could be right. I am, if nothing else, a rainbow of extremely transient flavors. But I do tend to sniff out every idea I come across when it comes to new things I can do. So, not only did I set up my Google Reader to include and file so many RSS feeds in so many different categories that the efficiency of the tool has probably been compromised, I also thought it might be a good idea to bring back the "current events" assignment. I'm going to try, as often as I can manage (not going to make any "daily" promise or anything), to write about the news I hear. As an exercise. And maybe even opine about a topic now and then. Let's see where this rabbit hole takes me.